Almscliffe Crag Handicap

October 26, 2014

The annual handicap race between us and Harrogate Nova cyclists is a highlight of our year and there was some fine competion this time around.  For those who don’t know, the concept is a simple one: Both runners and cyclists start from the Ken Moore bench on Whinney Lane and have to find their way to the summit of Almscliffe Crag – and return – in the shortest possible time.  Of course, this also means taking whatever is the shortest route possible, preferably without breaking any laws or trespassing on anyone’s land!

This was the 40th Edition of the Almscliffe Crag Handicap (there have been a few breaks over the years due to things like Foot & Mouth etc) and over twenty Harriers turned out to compete for the club’s honour, however this year it was the cyclists who came out on top, taking the victory by over 50 seconds.  First runner back was John Blacker who got back to the finishing line in 1:30:23, John also took the Most Improved prize, narrowly beating Alex Green with a 5.03 improvement on last year.  Fastest runner on the day was Chris Miller who put in a superb effort to finish in 49.34.

Well done to all who took part and helped marshall, not forgetting those who prepared the post-event bunfest back at the clubhouse.  Our particular thanks go to Harrogate Nova for yet another enjoyable competition, see you next year!

Pos Name Time Pos Name Time
1 John Blacker 92.23 12 Chris Miller 49.34
2 Alex Green 64.38 13 Chris Gibbins 52.15
3 Dan Atkinson 56.29 14 Brian Miller 60.16
4 Jillie Townend 80.39 15 Rob Athey 69.40
5 Stephen Kirk 60.22 16 Cathy Wright 61.43
6 Ben Grant 54.19 17 Jonny Johnson 54.01
7 Sue Moul 65.34 18 Jenny Hutchinson 63.19
8 Simon Childs 59.52 19 Issy Rowe 63.50
9 Andrew Dobby 50.17 20 Stephen Nesbitt 63.48
10 Dan Oxtoby 50.17 21 Jonty Bright 58.48
11 Richard Pennock 62.18 22 Ian Rowbotham 58.49


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