UKA Fell Relays 2014

October 13, 2014

Thanks to everyone who expressed an interest in the forthcoming UKA Fell Relays.  The club has been lucky enough to secure three entries and the teams have now been selected.  They are:

Open Category
Leg 1 – Solo: Andy Grant
Leg 2 – Pair A: Chris Miller
Leg 2 – Pair B: Chris Gibbins
Leg 3 – Pair A: John Young
Leg 3 – Pair B: Barry McGuire
Leg 4 – Solo: Jake Turnbull
Team Name: Harrogate Harriers A 
Male V50 Category 
Leg 1 – Solo: Ben Grant
Leg 2 – Pair A: Brian Miller
Leg 2 – Pair B: Paul Render
Leg 3 – Pair A: Harry Dowdell
Leg 3 – Pair B: Simon Watson
Leg 4 – Solo: Ian Rowbotham 
Team Name: Harrogate Harriers B

Mixed Category
Leg 1 – Solo: Rosalyn Moore
Leg 2 – Pair A: Martyn Price
Leg 2 – Pair B: Helen Price
Leg 3 – Pair A: David Fountain
Leg 3 – Pair B: Nick Andralojc
Leg 4 – Solo: Sally Houghton

Team Name:  Harrogate Harriers C

Please see the event website for more information: 


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