Summer Point-to-Point Handicaps

July 17, 2015

**Open to all club members**
Tuesday 21st July:  “Christmas” Handicap. Meet at clubhouse as usual (7.00pm)
3 mile route from Otley Road, passing the water tower, Harlow Car, Bettys. No entry fee or prizes.  This will replace the normal training/fartlek sessions.

Tuesday 4th August: Bench to pub, a 3-mile handicap followed by the annual quiz. Park at Squinting Cat. £1 entry fee for handicap prizes awarded. £1 entry fee for quiz entry, again prizes awarded. Food available at the pub, more details nearer the time.

Tuesday 1st September: Greenway handicap 4.6 mile, £1 entry fee, prizes awarded. Details nearer the time.

For new members, these are social events with a competitive edge. To help me work out the handicap, if you intend to take part (and why wouldn’t you?) it would be helpful if you could email me at or text me on 07899 700603 just saying “Yes”.   I’ll need your name too of course.

Many thanks

Tony Essex
Club Chairman

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