Almscliffe Crag Handicap 2015

October 29, 2015

Almscliffe Crag Handicap 2015

Many thanks to all those who turned out to compete in this year’s Handicap race versus Harrogate Nova Cyclists.  There were some fine performances and I’m pleased to say that we won it this year by 19m 36s, well done to all!  Results are as follow:

Harriers handicap

1st Angela Peace 62.02
2nd Chris Miller 45.20
3rd Liz Watson 76.17
4th Andrew Grant 46.33
5th Helen Price 62.46
6th Andrew Dobby 47.51
7th Adam Couldwell 58.22
8th Dan Simmons 60.53
9th Nick Androlajc 60.15
10th Jonny Johnson 49.08
11th Dan Oxtoby 61.52
12th Simon Watson 57.06
13th Tim Richardson 57.15
14th Ben Grant 57.21
15th Neil Hindmarsh 72.36
Guest  Jaysson Sayer 53.42

Harriers Awards

First back:  Angela Peace

Fastest time:  Chris Miller

Most improved: Jonny Johnson

Tony Essex

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