PECO XC RACE 4 – Golden Acre Park

January 31, 2016

Despite a few athletes being away at the North Yorkshire Sportshall trials we still had a good turnout and some pleasing results:

Boys Years 4-6: Tom Midwood (3rd), Mark Peters (7th), Will Partner (11th), Jim Midwood (12th), Charlie Rhodes (19th), Thomas Morris (29th), Liam Hamer (34th).

Girls Years 4-6: Ella Colbourn (4th), Emily Young (14th), Harriet Winspear (16th).

Boys Years 7-9: Henry Rhodes (5th), Joseph Harris (7th), Charles Booth (11th).

Girls Years 7-9: Jessica Jones (1st), Charlotte Parris (3rd), Isobel Harris (7th), Louisa Welton (8th).

Girls Years 10-12: Rebecca Wood (3rd).

Going into the final race 5, the following are well-placed to finish in the top six places in their age category (best 4 races to count):

Boys Years 4-6: Tom Midwood lying 1st and Jim Midwood 7th with Will Partner needing a good fourth race to bring him into the top six.

Girls Years 4-6: Emily Young currently 6th overall but Ella Colbourn, Freya Kesteven and Carys Dickson all in with a good shout of a top six place if they record a good fourth race.

Boys Years 7-9: Joseph Harris lying 3rd with Joe Bryant needing a fourth race to put him back in the top six. Charles Booth also well-placed and needing another race to score.

Girls Years 7-9: Jessica Jones lying 1st with Isobel Harris 4th and Louisa Welton 5th.

Girls Years 10-12: Rebecca Wood lying 4th.

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