Minutes of 2017 AGM

March 4, 2017


Tuesday 28th February 2017

Harrogate Squash Club, Plantation Road, Harrogate

  • Apologies for Absence:

– Tim Broomfield, Rosalyn Moore, Iain Jenkins, Simon Claridge, Simon Childs, Helene Whitaker

  • Minutes of the last AGM – 23 February 2016

– No minutes produced from last AGM (2016)

  • Matters Arising

– No matters arising

  • Chairman’s Report

– Delivered by Tony Essex

  • Junior’s Report

– Delivered by Simon Claridge

Martyn Price made a vote of thanks to all junior coaches and recognition of all their hard work.

  • Question raised from floor regarding what the current waiting list for the junior section and what is the limiting factor?  Tony responded around 100 and it is the number of coaches available to run the sessions that limits the membership. Currently sessions are held every weeknight evening.
  • Treasurer’s Report

– Delivered by Tony Essex

  • Question raised from the floor regarding the financial report that second largest income is miscellaneous income from PayPal.   John Young responded that as its via Webcollect probably not been broken down into different items.
  • AP noted that subscriptions are down year on year.  John said this probably also attributed to Webcollect. Tony explained that the juniors section has now introduced a joining fee of £30 which will impact on next year’s subscription balance.
  • Election of Chairperson

Martyn Price – Tony Essex to stand for re-election. Proposed by Andy Laverick, re-elected on vote

Martyn made a vote of thanks to Tony for all his hard work as chairman.

  • Election of Committee/Officers

Publicity/Press: Nathan Smith, proposed by Nick Andralojc, re-elected on vote

Social Secretary: Jodie Peary, proposed by Jacki Artist, re-elected on vote

Members Representative: Sue Moul, proposed by Dan Simmons, re-elected on vote

Secretary: Emma Robinson, proposed by Alan Couldwell, re-elected on vote

Webmaster/Communications: Martyn Price, proposed by Dan Simmons, re-elected on vote

Club captain: John Young standing down. Andy Grant proposed by John Young, elected on vote

Treasurer: Rosalyn Moore, proposed by Wendy marks, re-elected on vote

Junior representative: Simon Claridge standing down. Post to remain vacant for the time being

  • Club kit

Mike Gill proposed we look at purchasing some club clothing, pre/post-race leisure wear.  Feel other clubs project a better image of a smart team than Harriers currently do.  Would like to establish other member’s views on additional items of kit, eg. Jackets, long sleeved tops, waterproofs, buffs etc..

Previous suggestions to the committee have been rejected.

Martyn Price – difficulty is sourcing one of suitable quality.

Tony Essex– there isn’t an item he’s seen that could be branded with HH. Black would be easier to source. Could be branded with red and yellow. Needs to be able to be purchased for 2-3 years for continuity. Needs to be able to be printed on. Needs to be available on rolling purchased.

  • Question from the floor; is it about getting income for the club? TE responded No, items are sold at cost not for profit.

Sarah Gill – completely open to suggestions what is most in demand to the club

Simon Moffat – not all about the photographs, team spirit, identify looking like a team. Just about having something to wear over the top of hoody or other clothing for after races and events. To generate a more professional image.

Dan Simmons – Cappuccinos [cycling club] are buying in smaller numbers, someone to find out their supplier

Tony Essex – the committee will have another look at this

  • Subscriptions 2017/18

Tony wrote to the squash club regarding any increases in rent. No increases yet therefore TE proposing keeping subscriptions at £40. Also, no increase from UKA

  • Any Other Business

Sarah Gill – run leaders. Both she and Mike attended run leaders course.

Run leaders to runners ratio meant to be 1:12. Therefore if group of more than 12 need more than 1 run leader.

Are we as a club fulfilling this ratio?

How many run leaders do the club have?

Since undertaking the course they have both been heavily involved in leading sessions.

Alex Green – fartlek been split since start of year but on occasion there has had to be one larger group

Proposed that 6 or so people from the club do the course so there are more people available to help when needed in the event of there being a big group.

Tony Essex – always an opportunity for anyone who want to take the course to do it, not always well advertised and that is recognised.

With more leaders could split the groups better and allow the groups to be better.

Simon Moffatt willing to help out every 3rd or 4th week if needed

Nathan Smith – do we need to put an email out to club members asking for interest?

Ben Grant – question do they have to be run leaders in order to take / help with a group?

Martyn Price – yes it is requirement of UKA and along with the run leaders there is a DBS check and insurance

Simon Moffat – do we have a list of current run leaders?

Tony Essex– yes

Dan Simmons – can run leaders temporarily ask for help from other members in the event of the group being over 12.

Sarah Gill– could there be an identifiable piece of clothing such as a bib with run leader on in order to identify who the run leaders are. This will help new members also.

Tony Essex – we could do more to make people more identifiable and have a better level of organisation at the beginning of training sessions.

New lighting outside has made a difference people now more visible.

Will discuss at next committee meeting.

Jacki Artist  – do we have a tent? Can we start taking it places?

Tony Essex – yes, the problem in the past has been someone being willing to take it, put it up, and dismantle it. Plus it is very heavy.

Nathan Smith– is it worth looking at getting another one that’s lighter and easier to put up?

To be discussed at next committee meeting

Simon Moffat -the door

TE unfortunately the door will be deactivated and we will have to go back to using a swipe card to access the clubhouse. Cards will be available at £10 each.

Clubhouse – ongoing debate regarding premises. TE has thought about alternatives but nowhere meet the criteria for the current rent we are paying.

Ian Cooper – thanks to committee as a whole for hard work.

Meeting closed 21.52

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