Hot in the city

April 24, 2018

It’s often said that you should run a marathon in the same kit you used for training. It would have been a terrible mistake to run this year’s London Marathon in the three layers and a bobble hat we were all wearing until about a week ago. It was the hottest running of the race on record and anecdotally felt even warmer than the official reading of 24C. It soon became clear that this wasn’t a day to be gunning for a fast time. Thirteen Harriers started the race and we’re glad to say all arrived safe and relatively sound at the Mall.

Tom Borrowdale, Sarah Gill, Theresa Oldroyd, Shamiso Sisimayi, Wendy Marks, Gareth Somerville

Tom Borrowdale and Gareth Somerville may not have known it, but they we vying for the minor honour of being first Harrier home. They didn’t start together but somehow finished with a chip time separated by only five seconds. Tom took the honours but both broke three hours and scored PBs so they’re both winners. The first two women home were similarly close and even more impressive. Sarah Gill and Shamiso Sisimayi arrived either side of the 3:20 mark. Their split times show both women slowing hardly at all in the last few miles. They must have overtaken hundreds of faltering  runners. For Sarah it proved a remarkable result as she finished 2nd in her age category – an amazing achievement in one of the World Marathon Majors.

Adam Newton does his best to look cool on telly.

We had great stories all the way down the field. Kirstie Laughlan finished her first marathon. She had some real injury problems in preparation, but adjusted her strategy and completed. It goes to prove distance running isn’t just a physical sport – it requires good sense and mental toughness. She says this’ll also be her last but, well, we all say that. Wendy Marks said that and she’s just finished her 48th marathon.

It isn’t all about the running number either. Adam Newton has used this marathon as a way to raise money for Harrogate Hospital and Community Charity in memory of his son Ricky. It’s a great cause for which he’s already raised nearly £1000. It isn’t too late to help him break that barrier by sponsoring him here.

Full results for Harrogate Harriers: Tom Borrowdale 2:58:03, Gareth Somerville 2:58:08, Simon Watson 3:15:14, Sarah Gill 3:19:38, Shamiso Sisimayi 3:20:04, Theresa Oldroyd 3:45:20, Wendy Marks 3:55:18, Jodie Peary 4:10:19, Adam Newton 4:13:50, Nathaniel Southworth 4:30:13, Jeff Paris 4:42:09, James Hawkins 4:42:16, Kirstie Laughlan 6:22:38

In weather like this you really want to be beside the seaside. That’s where Sue Moul was. The Blackpool marathon runs up and down the seafront. That means a lovely onshore breeze to cool you down in the latter stages. Or maybe a strong headwind just when you don’t need one, as was the case for Sue. Nevertheless she powered through for a PB of 3:54:41.

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