2016 Results

Track & Field Club Records

January 2, 2017

With thanks to Rob Jones for the compilation here are the updated age-group club records following the 2016 track season.


Results from the 2nd race held at Middleton Park on Sunday, 18th December:

Year 4-6 Girls: Seren Melling (5th), Hazel Forrest (7th), Katherine Jones (10th), Elena Dickson (11th), Madeleine Jones (16th)

Year 4-6 Boys: Will Partner (2nd), Charlie Lumsden (3rd), Henry Weston (10th), Heath Perry (11th), Liam Hamer (28th)

Year 7-9 Girls: Rose Forrest (1st), Jessica Jones (3rd), Carys Dickson (7th), Emily Young (12th), Eva Winterschladen (14th)

Year 7-9 Boys: Jospeh Bryant (2nd), Tom Midwood (5th), Jospeh Harris (6th), Charles Booth (8th), Marcus Kent (9th), Dominic Jones (10th), Mark Wood (17th)

Year 10-12 Girls: Olivia Haveron (1st), Rebecca Wood (4th)