2018 Harrogate Harriers Club Championship

championship_table_buttonThe championship table is updated on a regular basis by our Club Championship Administrator (Geoff Hirst), usually soon after a given race has taken place.

The 2018 Club Championship races are detailed below, there are some changes to the rules this year so please study them carefully.

Rules: You are invite to compete in three x Evening Leagues races, two x 10Ks, one  x 10M and one x  half-marathon from the list below, meaning points can be accrued from a maximum of seven races.  The difference this year is that you will still retain a finishing place on the Championship Table in the event that you don’t complete all seven races, however in order to do so you will need to run at least one x Evening League race, one x 10K, 1 x 10M and one x 1/2 marathon, so a minimum of four races in order to qualify.  You are still eligible for category wins if you meet the minimum requirement (assuming you amass the most points).  This means that  if you miss one race due to illness or injury, you can still complete the other races and gain points towards your total.

Additionally, if you do ANY RECOGNISED ROAD MARATHON worldwide you will be awarded an extra 10 points.  If you do a second half marathon from the list below you will be awarded an extra 5 points, irrespective of how many club members take part. Note that this can only take place on a single occasion, so running two marathons will not generate you an extra 20 points!

Scoring: The scoring for Men’s and Ladies results will continue to be seperate.  30 points will be awarded to the first male finisher and to the 1st female, irrespective of how many members take part in a given race. Each finisher that follows will receive 1 point less, so 2nd place will get 29 points, 3rd place will get 28 points and so on. If more than 30 members compete, each person after the 30th runner will be awarded a single point.  It follows therefore that the maximum total points that could be accrued by a single member is 225.  If two or more match that total, then finishing times will be reviewed in order to generate the overall champion.

Unless indicated otherwise, the points will be awarded based on gun time, i.e. if you cross the line first, you get the points no matter what.  There are certain situations (such as the Great North Run and Leeds Abbey Dash) where the points will be awarded based on chip time, in these races it is quite possible for a runner to finish behind another club member but still run an appreciably faster time.  The affected races are marked [C] below.

Evening League: We are not hosting an Evening League event this year and therefore all the main races will be qualifying races.  The Norman Smith Handicap will count as a qualifying race for the club championship but will not attract any points.

Second Claim Members:  You must enter any given race as a Harrogate Harrier in order for it to count towards the Club Championship.  For example, if your first claim club is Leeds A.C. and you run a given race under those colours, it cannot count.  You MUST have entered as a Harrogate Harrier and wear the appropriate club vest.

If you change age categories during the year, your age on June 30th 2017 will be the one used to calculate results.

2018 Events

Harrogate & District Summer Race League

  • HDSRL Race #1 –
  • HDSRL Race #2 –
  • HDSRL Race #3 –
  • HDSRL Race #4 –
  • HDSRL Race #5 –

10K Races

  • Dewsbury 4th February
  • Fountains  – 29th April
  • Melmerby  – 27th May
  • Staveley Stampede – 24th June
  • Burton Leonard  – 15th July
  • Wetherby  – 2nd September
  • Leeds Abbey Dash  – TBC

Reserve Race:  Kirkbymoorside – 6th May

10 Mile Races

  • Thirsk  – 18th March
  • Vale of York – 15th April
  • Ripon  – 13th May
  • Otley  – 13th June
  • Tadcaster – 16th September
  • Guy Fawkes  – 4th November

Reserve Race:  Burnsall – TBC


  • Leeds Half  – 13th May
  • Burn Valley – 8th July
  • Great North Run  – 9th September [C]
  • Vale of York – 9th September

Reserve Race: Redcar – 30th September

Please note that the nominated reserve races will only be added to the club championship in the event of a race cancellation.