Target Races

Team Events for 2018

The club intends to compete in several team events in 2018 and these are detailed below. If you are at all interested, please be sure to flag this up to the Club Secretary (Emma Robinson) and Club Captain (Andy Grant) well in advance.

Harrogate District Summer League Races

The Harrogate District Summer Race League (HDSRL or HRL) is a friendly league of Yorkshire running clubs which organises a series of Summer evening races each year.  This competitive but fun evening race series is open to ALL members.
  • HDSRL Race #1 –
  • HDSRL Race #2 –
  • HDSRL Race #3 –
  • HDSRL Race #4 –
  • HDSRL Race #5 –


  • March: Six and Twelve Stage Relay, 6 ladies/12 men teams. A teams only
  • September: Four and Six Stage Relays, 4 ladies/6 men teams. A & B teams


  • May: Calderdale Relays, 6 legs ran in pairs, 12 per team. Experience preferable
  • June: Badger Stone Relays: 3 legs, three teams minimum
  • October: FRA British Relays, 6 per team. Experience necessary, ideally Open, Vets and Mixed teams.
  • November: Lee Mill Relays. 4 legs, 3 -4 teams


  • July: Danefield Relays, 3 per team.Open to all.
  • July: Golden Acre Relays, 3 per team. Open to all..
  • July: Washburn Valley Relays, 3 per team. Open to all.
  • September: Leeds Country Way Relays, comprises of 6 pairs of runners in each team. Open to all.


  • Oct – Dec: West Yorkshire XC League
  • Nov – Mar: PECO XC League
  • Jan 2018: Northern XC Championships
  • Jan 2018: Yorkshire XC Championships
  • Feb 2018: National Championships


  • June: Knaresborough Bed Race