Seniors Training

Tuesdays at 7:00 pm | Thursdays at 6:30


  • Please do not prop open the door to the clubhouse on training nights. Doing so invalidates our insurance and does not help our relations with the Squash Club
  • The use of iPods, MP3 players or any other device that might impair your hearing or limit your ability to react to safety warnings is explicity NOT allowed at Club training sessions. Please do not embarrass our coaches or yourself by their use
  • Remember that when you are out on our organised training sessions, you have a responsibility both to yourself and your clubmates to conduct yourself in a considerate and safe manner.  This means being aware of what is happening around you, paying attention to the instructions from your coach and taking care not to do anything that could lead to an accident and potential injury to yourself and/or others

Please join us on a run and try out the Club’s training sessions. Our main training sessions are held on Tuesday evenings from 7.00pm to 8.00pm, but we also meet on Thursdays at 6.30pm which are more relaxed and usually break into 2 or 3 groups.  Unless there is a planned run or social event elsewhere, we meet at the Harrogate Squash and Sports Club just off Plantation Road on Harlow Hill.  We have up to four training groups:

Tuesdays 7pm

Group 1 is for the faster runners and is led by Brian Miller. These session are fast-paced, invariably tough and consist of various interval, hill and speed sessions – to be comfortable here you will need to be capable of sustained sub-7 minute mile pace or be able to do a 10K in less than 40 minutes.

Group 2 is our fartlek group,  usually led by either Alex Green or Mike and Sarah Gill. This is an excellent way to increase your speed and consists of a continuous run of around 6/7 miles punctuated with a number of fast efforts.  This training group is aimed at those who can run a 10K in (and below) around 45 minutes, if you can’t yet manage that pace you would probably be best sticking with the Improvers Group until your speed picks up.

Group 3 is the “Improvers Group” and is coached by Ian Rowbotham. This group is aimed at all abilities, the main point of the group is to improve your running, whether it is to break 40 minutes or 60 minutes for a 10k and consists of a warm up followed by various efforts, which could be intervals, hills or a speed session. During the winter months these sessions tend to take place around the town centre and where there is adequate street lighting, however in summer it’s not unusual for Ian to take his group out onto the trails and hills that surround Harrogate.

Group 4 is more of a social group, where the run is at a slower and more comfortable pace, led on an ad-hoc basis.

Tony Essex

Thursday’s 6.30pm

Thursday runs are more relaxed and usually break into 2 or 3 groups.

Group 1:  Our Chairman Tony Essex will lead a group running between 6/7 miles, the pace is dependent by whoever is in the group, but will be typically around 7.30 – 8 minutes a mile pace.

Group 2:  Harry Dowdell coaches the Thursday session which is again aimed at all abilities, the main point of the group is to improve your running, whether it is to break 40 minutes or 60 minutes for a 10k and consists of a warm up followed by various efforts, which could be intervals, hills or a speed session.

We do not organise club Sunday runs, but most members do a long run and our Facebook page is a good way of seeing who is doing what.  So, if you would like to have some company, please post what you are doing or see who is doing something similar and join them.

On the Last Tuesday” of every month we have a social get-together in the clubhouse, this is nothing more that an opportunity to meet your clubmates properly and enjoy a bit of gossip with a cup of tea and the usual bunnage – please feel free to come along.



The club is very lucky to benefit from the support of renown sportwoman and physiotherapist Helene Whitaker (Achilles Heal Physiotherapy) and at our request she has taken the time to put together a short guide on what kind of treatment is available in the event of an injury and, importantly, the fundamental differences between those different treatment types. We know this has been a confusing area for many of our members, so am particularly grateful for her guidance. Please see her “Which Expert” guide at the following link:



The Squash Club has had a fire alarm installed with better detectors to bring the clubhouse up to modern standards, however, it was decided that a strobe light warning for members/visitors with impaired hearing was not essential. Therefore, we must request that any members or visitors with this disability must be escorted at all times and be advised that the fire alarms give audible warnings only.

Should the alarm sound, please leave the building as quickly as possible and ensure that other members also leave the building. Only if the fire is small and you are familiar with the extinguishers should you attempt to use them – do NOT risk your own safety.

Please contact the Fire Brigade, the alarm is not automatically connected to the emergency services.

First Aid Kit: A first-aid kit can be found under the benches in the men’s changing room.

Defibrillator: For the safety of members and guests, a defibrillator is mounted on the wall by the squash courts. If anyone collapses and stops breathing and shows no pulse, phone for an ambulance and ask someone to stand by the door to lead the paramedics to the patient. Take the defibrillator to the patient and press the green button, the defibrillator will then give spoken instructions. In these circumstances YOU CANNOT DO THE PATIENT ANY HARM and may save a life