News2017 Harrogate Harriers Off-Road Championship

2017 Harrogate Harriers Off-Road Championship

The championship table is updated on a regular basis by the Club Championship Administrator (Helen Price), usually soon after a given race has taken place. Details of the inaugural Off-Road Club Championship are below, please take the time to read the rules as they're quite different from our more familiar Road Championship. Races:  There are a total of eleven races to choose from, each is categorised as a fell race (F) or trail race (T).  They've been selected to be accessible to beginners as well as more experienced off-roaders, none of the fell races have dangerous or debatable terrain and they're all recognised by either the FRA or BOFRA.   The races have also been selected to be in reasonably close proximity to Harrogate and wherever possible, to take place during the midweek. Rules:  You have to do FIVE races in order to qualify for a finishing position in the Championship, although if you do six your points will count.  If you do more than six, your best races will determine your final position.  From that minimum requirement of five races, you must do at least two of the fell races (F) and one of the trail races (T).  As an example, you could qualify by doing four fell races and one trail race.  Alternately you could do two fell races and three trail races, all would meet the basic requirement. Scoring:  Scoring is straightforward, the first Harrogate Harrier man and woman to finish any given race get 25 points each.  If you are the only person in the race, you still get 25 points.  The second-placed man and woman get 20 points, the third 19 and so on.  If there are more than 21 men or 21 women to finish a race (unlikely), each finisher will get 1 point.  It follows therefore, that if you were the first Harrier to finish in all of the six races you contest, the maximum you can get is 150 points.  There *may* be bonus points on offer for competing in certain club events, watch this space! Unless indicated otherwise, the points will be awarded based on gun time, i.e. if you cross the line first, you get the points no matter what.  Very few off-road races of this nature will be chip-timed in any event. Championship Winners:  As this is our inaugural event, we're keeping it simple to start with.  There are NO category prizes, the winning man/lady will be the ones that score the most points. Second Claim Members:  You must enter any given race as a Harrogate Harrier in order for it to count towards the Club Championship.  For example, if your first claim club is Wetherby Runners and you run a given race under those colours, it will NOT count.  You MUST have entered as a Harrogate Harrier and wear our club colours.  No arguments. 2017 Off-Road Championship Events
Ilkley Moor - 26 Feb (F)  (entry info)
Guiseley Gallop - 16 Apr (T)  (entry info)
Jack Bloor - 9 May (F)  (entry info)
Austwick Amble - 29 May (F)  (entry info)
Kettlewell Anniversary - 8 Jun (F)  (entry info)
Beamsley Beacon - 22 Jun (F)  (entry info)
Stirton - 5 July (F)  (entry info)
James Herriot - 30 Jul (T)  (entry info)
Round Hill - 6 Aug (F)  (entry info)
Shaun Lee Johnstone - 15 Oct (T) (entry info)
Burley Moor Trail - 11 Nov (T) (entry info)
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