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New Member Info

Dear New Member, Thanks for joining Harrogate Harriers and welcome.  Now that you've joined us, I thought I would just let you know of some of the resources available to you and how to get access to them:
  1.  We have a club email distro and you are welcome to join this if you wish.  This link allows you to sign up to our "general" distribution.  Please note that I will NOT automatically add you, you are required to opt-in yourself.  Email me on if you have any issues.
  2. We also have a distribution list that is used to keep club members informed of the various offers and discounts that come our way.  Again, you have to opt-in to be on this list, this link will take you there.
  3. We have a club Facebook page, however it's not an open group and you must request access.  Myself, Jodie Pearey, Helen Price and Martyn Price are the group admins, once we see your application and have confirmed that you are a paid-up member, we'll approve your access immediately.
  4. We have a Twitter feed that is linked to our website, so any website updates are automatically tweeted out.  Follow us at @hharriers
  5. Our website can be found at  Lots of information available on the site such as details of the Club Championship and our Club Calendar.  You'll find membership info here, while a list of Club Contacts is here.
  6. A list of club kit is listed here and can be purchased directly from the Club Chairman, Tony Essex.  You can buy our club vests directly from Up & Running in Harrogate, but please note that they can only be paid for in cash or by cheque.
  7. Our  main training night is Tuesday, you can find details here.  We want you to get the best out the sessions that the club provides and to do that we must all work towards a safety culture, please remember that when you are out on our organised training sessions you have a responsibility both to yourself and your clubmates to conduct yourself in a considerate and safe manner.  This means being aware of what is happening around you, paying attention to the instructions from your coach and taking care not to do anything that could lead to an accident and potential injury to yourself and/or others.
Emma Robinson Membership Secretary