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West Yorkshire XC League

Ahead of the final race at Nunroyd Park this weekend, here are the results for Harriers athletes vying for places in the overall results: U11 Boys: Seb Smallwood 24th and 23rd in 2 races; Will Partner 14th in 1 race; Spike Mills 18th in 1 race; Finlay Lazenby 33rd in 1 race U11 Girls: Alice McIntee 41st in 1 race U13 Boys: Joseph Harris 22nd, 27th and 31st in 3 races; Henry Rhodes 14th in 1 race; Robert Charlesworth 23rd in 1 race U13 Girls: Jessica Jones 5th, 6th and 11th in 3 races; Morva Keele 58th, 46th and 54th in 3 races; Keira Smallwood 22nd and 13th in 2 races; Charlotte Parris 27th and 19th in 2 races; Amy Proctor 11th in 1 race; Louisa Welton 18th in 1 race; Emma Proctor 56th in 1 race. Currently placed 2nd Team overall U15 Boys: Jaques Maurice 1st in 1 race; Ben Bhogal 30th in 1 race U15 Girls: Isobel Harris 18th, 23rd and 24th in 3 races; Anna Beever 5th and 3rd in 2 races; Olivia Haveron 6th in 1 race U17 Men: Ed Burgess 1st and 2nd in 2 races; Jack Brennan 13th in 1 race; Owen Martin 21st in 1 race U20 Women: Claire Jones 7th and 7th in 2 races Simon