Please note that we are not running face to face training sessions during the current lockdown period which will be until at least 2nd December.

In the meantime, keep active and try out this workout and our LOCKDOWN CLUB CHALLENGES:

A 10 exercise workout you can do at home

A long distance running challenge - choose from 1 mile, 3 miles or 4 miles

A sprinting challenge - choose from 50m, 80m or 180m


Let us know how you get on.  Submit your times by clicking on the links below:

1 mile distance challenge

3 mile distance challenge

4 mile distance challenge

50m uphill sprint challenge

80m sprint challenge

180m sprint challenge


The more people who take part the more fun we will have.  Prizes for all age groups!  


We will inform members when we are able to resume training and coaches will invite athletes via email and/or sportylzer.  It is important that athletes do not turn up to a session without prior invitation. 

To view our Covid 19 Guidelines for training sessions click here 

The Junior Chair, Chris Forrest would like everyone to be aware of the England Athletics guidelines.


Weekly Training Sessions

All of the training sessions are supervised by qualified coaches, with the assistance of qualified coaching assistants, young leaders and volunteer parents. We also arrange for experienced athletics coaches from other Clubs to help lead some training sessions.

While COVID-19 restrictions are in place, the Training Timetable has been removed.

A new timetable will be posted here when it is possible to do so.

More explanation of each of the training groups is available on the SPORTLYZER club profile.


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