NewsBench to Pub Handicap
Bench to Pub Handicap

Bench to Pub Handicap

5.29K Point 2 Point

1st Sam Jenner 22.30
2nd Matthew Lucock 24.50
3rd Nat Southworth 21.28
4th Charlie Charlton 22.20
5th Alex Green 21.58
6th Lisa Dickie 20.49
7th Andy Laverick 22.36
8th Issy Rowe 20.22
9th Gareth Bell 22.35
10th Geoff Hirst 19.22
11th Adam Bates 22.53
12th Stephen Nesbitt 23.54                                  
13th Andy Collins 19.39                                        
14th Oliver Prysy 22.40                                          
15th Rob Athey 23.15                                              
16th Heather Taylor 23.48
17th Charles Casey 17.53
18th Angela Barker Charlton 23.38                    
19th Simon Watson 19.53                                      
20th Anna Thomas 23.55
21st Liz Sandell 24.29
22nd Gareth Somerville 17.44
23rd Mark Walker 23.17
24th Paula Prentis 27.33
25th Tom Harris 18.05
26th Tom Borrowdale 18.26
27th Adam Couldwell 20.29
28th Tim Richardson 18.02
29th Adrian Murfitt 25.24
30th Tracy Isles 31.41
31st James Strutt 19.21
32nd David Askew 22.57
33rd Mark Seymour 24.59
34th Sarah Beecher 26.23
35th Colin Foster 31.28
36th Alan Couldwell 26.26
37th Adam Prentis 20.52
38th Imke Kumms 25.39
39th Jonathan Kay 25.23
40th Kevin Malachy Murphy 26.07 (coming back from injury)

3 Fastest: Gareth Somerville 17.44, Charles Casey 17.53, Tim Richardson 18.02

Mystery team winners: Adam Bates & Gareth Bell

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