Location: Beckwithshaw

Harrogate Haverah Trail Race
RacesHarrogate Haverah Trail Race

Harrogate Haverah Trail Race

The Harrogate Haverah Trail Race comprised approximately 10 miles of trails and designated pathways, wonderfully situated in the scenic Yorkshire setting of Haverah Park and within easy reach of the famous spa town of Harrogate.

The race was held on just two occasions (2016 and 2017), however continued difficulties with land access forced the club to discontinue it despite considerable support from elements of the local community.  The route was approximately a 10-mile circuit around trails and footpaths from Beckwithshaw to Norwood, taking in Haverah Park, the Beaver Dyke reservoirs and John O’Gaunt's castle.

Results From Previous Years:
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