SeniorsVirtual Championship

Virtual Championship

Eligible races

Members can select from the below list of races for 2021. In order to qualify for the championship, a minimum of 3x short, 3x long and 2x HDSRL Evening League races [or their replacement] must be completed.


  • You can:
    • run the actual race itself if it is being held
    • or you can run from home or at a location of your choosing if the race is being held but you do not have a place and wish to run virtually
    • or you can run from home or at a location of your choosing if the race has been cancelled and you wish to run virtually
    • Government rules permitting in relation to Covid-19. 
    • Please note you do not need to go to the race location to record a virtual time; you can run from home!
  • Each run should be recorded as a single event on Strava
  • In the absence of Strava, runners can submit a photograph of their running watch / Garmin Connect with time & distance recorded and we will require the details of elevation gain & loss please
  • Points are awarded on fastest time over distance after elevation has been taken into account
  • Your age on Jan 1st 2021 will be used to calculate results
  • Only First Claim Members are eligible for the 2021 Club Road Championship. If you are currently Second Claim but become a First Claim member from April 2021 then your results up to that point will be eligible for the Championship.
  • You have to compete in the race either physically or virtually on the exact date in which it is scheduled.
  • All HDSRL Evening League races will have points allocated as standard with the exception of the handicap

Example: the Brass Monkey Half Marathon schedule for 17th January 2021 has been cancelled. Athletes may still run a virtual Half Marathon on 17th January 2021 from their home location / a location of their choosing and this will qualify for the Road Championships using accurate or as required, adjusted data collected from Strava.


  • The scoring for each race will use the same method as the HDSRL Evening League
  • Everyone is placed in order of their final time. 1st place is awarded 100 points; last place is awarded 1 point; and everyone else is evenly spaced in between
  • (Whilst this does mean that, on average, men will be scoring more points than women, having one list rather than two won't change the gender or age category winners. The benefit of just one list is that it allows everyone in the club to directly compete against everyone else irrespective of gender)
  • Whilst you are free to run every race, only your top qualifying races will count towards the Club Championship (minimum of 3 short, 3 long and 2 evening league)

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Week Date Race / Distance Tag Results
1 Sun 17th Jan, 2021 Brass Monkey Half / 13.1 Miles Long Provisional
2 Sun 7th Feb, 2021 Dewsbury / 10KM Short Provisional
3 Sun 14th Mar, 2021 Thirsk / 10 Miles Long Provisional
4 Sun 9th May, 2021 Leeds Half / 13.1 Miles Long Provisional
5 Sun 23rd May, 2021 Melmerby / 10KM Short Provisional
6 Wed 9th Jun, 2021 Otley / 10 Miles Long Provisional
7 Sun 11th Jul, 2021 Burn Valley Half / 13.1. Miles Long Provisional
8 Tue 10th Aug, 2021 Millennium Bridge / 5KM Short Provisional
9 Wed 18th Aug, 2021 Sessay Swift / 6KM Short Provisional
10 Sun 5th Sep, 2021 Wetherby / Tholthorpe / 10KM Short Provisional
11 Sun 12th Sep, 2021 Vale Of York Half / 13.1 Miles Long Provisional
12 Sun 24th Oct, 2021 Leeds Abbey Dash / 10KM Short Provisional
13 Sun 7th Nov, 2021 Guy Fawkes / 10 Miles Long Provisional
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