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Provisional Results Race 3KM (3KM)

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Name Dist (Metres) Time M/Sec Adjusted to 3KM Final After Adjustments Points
chris shannon 3017 (+17)09:505.1109:4709:45100
Gareth Somerville 3019 (+19)09:555.0709:5109:5295.1
Chris Gibbins 3016 (+16)10:264.8210:2310:1990.1
Graham Molyneux 3010 (+10)11:144.4511:1511:1485.2
Shaun Morrison 3013 (+13)10:494.6410:4611:1485.2
Adam Prentis 3002 (+2)12:164.0812:1512:1475.3
Steven Close 3010 (+10)12:244.0512:2212:2270.3
Rebecca Tunnicliff 3009 (+9)13:343.7013:3213:3365.4
Anna Thomas 3238 (+238)14:373.6913:3313:4060.4
Sue Moul 2974 (-26)13:483.5913:5513:5355.5
Tim Bennett 3004 (+4)14:083.5414:0714:0850.5
Mark Walker 2987 (-13)14:073.5314:1114:0945.6
Nick Andralojc 3019 (+19)15:023.3215:0214:4740.6
Emma Summerfield 3013 (+13)14:553.3714:5114:5435.7
Paddy Craig 3237 (+237)16:223.3015:1015:0830.7
Jonathan Johnson 3006 (+6)15:233.1815:4415:2525.8
Alan Couldwell 2962 (-38)15:223.2115:3415:4420.8
Andy Laverick 3065 (+65)16:083.1415:5615:5215.9
Colin Foster 3020 (+20)19:392.5619:3119:2710.9
Mark Hattersley 3025 (+25)19:402.5219:5219:506
Katharine Woodhead 3278 (+278)22:062.3821:0320:531

With the best intentions we tried to use Strava's GAP facility. Unfortunately they do not allow access to this. So we have come up with our own method to adjust times for ascent & descent.

A few points on how we got to the final time.

  • All runs won’t be exactly the correct distance but as long as they are within a tolerance over/ under they will count.
  • The time of each run is adjusted to the correct distance using the average speed of the run. So if you run a bit short your time will be increased; a bit long and your time will be decreased.
  • We then take the elevation (positive or negative) and apply a general rule per X metres to give time bonuses / deductions
  • There are inconsistencies in elevation data from Strava / Garmin – we noticed that people can run the same route but get different elevations. So from the 5k onwards, we are using the GPS route to get the elevation from Google as this gives more consistency.

The results tables have been left open for transparency, showing what the run was clocked at (in distance and time) and the adjustments along the way to get to the final time. If there are any discrepancies, be nice, drop me an email at

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