ClubAdvertising Policy

Advertising Policy

Harrogate Harriers is a self-supporting organisation and we do not routinely seek sponsorship to augment club funds or to provide for our various activities.

Definition – Advertising is the activity of attracting attention to a product or business by announcements in print, broadcast, or electronic media.

The Club does benefit from the support of several local businesses for such events as our annual 10K race and on those occasions when we host local league races.   Therefore, the club committee has decided that it is appropriate to use the various communication channels at our disposal (website, e-mail) to provide a degree of positive endorsement in return.

Usage of the club website for advertising outside of these circumstances is currently under consideration.  If the club does agree to host advertisements, then the proviso is that we will only accept ads and/or graphics in a usable format along with a prepaid fee.  Content of the advertisement shall relate to athletics/running or to the activities of the club and shall be approved by the Website Editor/Club Chairman or, in the event of any concerns, by the Club Committee.  Advertising rates are currently under consideration.

The website or e-mail client may NOT be used for club members to advertise private sales or services, although this facility is available via our Facebook group.   Similarly, the website or e-mail client may not be used by members to advertise individual charitable events without the express backing and approval of the Club Committee.  The Advertising content is limited to 125 x 125 graphics and relate directly to athletics/running or to the activities of club and shall be approved by the Website Editor/Club Chairman.   Messages (email) may refer to web sites, provide links to web sites or contact information for related commercial activities.

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